An Intimate Elopement

Garden Wedding
Photo Credit to Keith Egan Media

One of Hamilton New Jersey’s most beautiful garden spaces belongs to Sayen House and Gardens. It was recently the location of our photo shoot, highlighting our designs for a garden wedding and reception on a micro scale.

As a result of Covid, micro weddings have become more and more popular in the last two years. I love the idea of an intimate garden elopement that still has the elevated feel of a full-scale ceremony and reception.

The inspiration for this shoot came from my desire to prove that having a small intimate gathering doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or elegance.

I’ve always loved the look of classically elegant weddings with champagne and beautiful tablescapes. However, the feel of a secret garden gathering felt more appropriate for an elopement.

For my clients who aren’t interested in having large weddings, this seemed like the perfect way to marry the two styles.

I think the key to pulling this together was finding the right venue that gave a feel of seclusion, and the small touches. For example, vintage glassware paired with gold flatware all displayed on a repurposed hutch.

One of the many perks of a garden wedding is that you don’t have much work to do in the way of aesthetics or decor. You’re bringing your personal style to an already naturally beautiful space.

For this shoot in particular I wanted something that felt lived in and real. I wanted it to feel accessible. No stiff poses or neutral faces here. Our model Courtney and our photographer Keith Egan really understood the vision and helped bring it to life.

Our vendors as well were fantastic in helping us create the overall look for the day, and it’s always a bonus when you can work with talented small businesses. Everything from the dress to the macarons were sourced locally.

I had a great team help me put this together and I hope you are inspired

Our Vendors

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